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Below is the list of undergraduate courses available in 2023-2024. More information on the content of the course can be found by searching for the course code (CMxxxx) in the EUR Course Catalogue. Please note that IBCoM's education is based on small interactive classes - therefore capacity is limited and attendance to almost all courses is mandatory. All courses are worth 5 EC.

Please note that this page is for:

  • Exchange students from other faculties than ESHCC
  • Students that do not study IBCoM but other programmes at EUR and want to take an IBCoM course as an elective. Please carefully check the requirements for taking IBCoM courses as an elective for your study programme.

Please note that there are some requirements:

  • Only students from English-taught EUR study programmes with an enrolment for the current Academic Year can sign up for our courses. The only exceptions to this are ESHCC students from Dutch programmes and Bedrijfskunde students. Students from other Dutch-taught programmes do not have access to our courses.
  • Students from outside of EUR have no access to our courses (such as external Minor students).
  • You can sign up for a maximum of one course per term.


For enquiries, please note the following:

  • Use your EUR student email to contact our offices - we cannot process emails sent form personal external email addresses.
  • Please do not ask for access to our courses if you do not meet the requirements listed at the top of this page; there are no exceptions to what's already explained on this page.

You can reach us at ibcomstudents@eshcc.eur.nl.

Course Offer 2023-2024

  • CM2001 - International and Global Communication
  • CM2030 - Media and Politics
  • CM2033 - The Business of Media
  • CM2034 - ICTs and Emerging Markets
  • CM2040 - Media Campaigns
  • CM2052 - Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing
  • CM2075 - Fundamentals and Practices of International Journalism
  • CM2076 - Diversity in Popular Culture and Advertising
  • CM2078 - Management and Leadership in Media Organisations
  • CM2093 - Digital Marketing
  • CM2098 - Designing Politics in the Digital Era

  • CM1012 - Media Industries and Audiences
  • CM1013 - Key Concepts in Social Sciences
  • CM2011 - Digital Content
  • CM2032 - Current Perspectives on Popular culture
  • CM2041 - Corporate Communication
  • CM2043 - International Journalism
  • CM2046 - Media Audiences and Effects
  • CM2049 - Global Advertising
  • CM2050 - Media Industries: Trends and Strategies
  • CM2051 - Public Diplomacy
  • CM2052B - Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing
  • CM2062 - Consumer Behavior & Marketing Action
  • CM2085 - Creativity and Innovation in Contemporary Business
  • CM2088 - Digital Media and Health
  • CM2099 - Media repertoires and their social ramifications
  • CM2274 - Social Media Marketing

  • CM1008 - Media Systems in Comparative Perspective
  • CM1009 - Communication as a Social Force
  • CM1014 - Communication and Organisations
  • CM2010 - Communication Management
  • CM2021 - New Media and Interaction
  • CM2026 - Intercultural Communication at Work
  • CM2027 - Cultural Identities and New Media
  • CM2054 - Media and Consumer Culture
  • CM2060 - Cinema and Society
  • CM2065 - Argumentation and Rhetoric in the Public Sphere
  • CM2066 - Privacy, Surveillance and New Media Technologies
  • CM2072 - Consumer Behaviour & Marketing Action
  • CM2074 - Social Media Marketing
  • CM2079 - Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Media and Creative Industries
  • CM2080 - Television Industries in the Age of Streaming
  • CM2081 - Consumer Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • CM2083B - Consumer behaviour and Brand Loyalty
  • CM2086 - Communicating (in)equality in the City
  • CM2090 - Technology, Media and Identity
  • CM2091 - Media, Games, and Creative Industry
  • CM2095 - Crisis Management: Leadership in Action
  • CM2230 - Media and Politics
  • CM2234 - ICTs and Emerging Markets
  • CM3010 - Communication Ethics

  • CM1007 - Communication Technologies and their Impacts
  • CM1010 - Intercultural Communication
  • CM2022 - Trust and trust-alternatives in strategic communication
  • CM2023 - Digital games and society in the age of the metaverse
  • CM2029 - Digital Media Analysis
  • CM2048 - War Representations in Media and Culture
  • CM2049A - Global Advertising [Cancelled]
  • CM2064 - Cinemas in Context
  • CM2071 - Science Fiction and Media
  • CM2083 - Consumer Behaviour and Brand Loyalty
  • CM2087 - Public Speaking
  • CM2089 - Message Framing and Persuasion
  • CM2097 - Environmental Protest Culture and Media
  • CM2252 - Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing
  • CM2293 - Digital Marketing

Registration to our courses goes through OSIRIS > Case. During the specific course registration periods (see timeline below), you will be able to fill out your course preferences and submit your form there. Remember to disable your popup blocker.


Course periodRegistration period (Dutch time)
Term 1 & Term 21 August (11AM) - 8 August (11AM)
Term 3 & Term 44 December (11AM) - 11 December (11AM)

Procedure (read and follow carefully!)

As soon as the registration period opens, you will be able to fill out a form on OSIRIS by going to OSIRIS > Case > Start new case > ESHCC IBCoM Studyplan / Course Registrations. In this form you will be asked to indicate how many courses you want to take, and to rank your course interests. If you pick the same course multiple times, your Studyplan will be moved the bottom of the list. Make sure you carefully check the schedules of your course interests to make sure they don’t overlap with each other or with other courses you’re taking. The procedure is first come, first serve.

N.B: We urge you to not use multiple devices simultaneously to access Osiris as it will strain the system and cause technical issues or crashes!

A few days after the deadline has passed, you will receive an email with the course(s) that has been assigned to you. Please be patient; we work as fast as we can to get you your courses.

If a course has multiple groups, you will be placed in a group automatically. You will receive instructions for how to switch to a different group. However, we cannot guarantee that there is room to move to another group.

Course periodWorkgroup Switch Period (Opens and closes at 15:00 Dutch time)
Term 122-27 August 2023
Term 231 October-5 November 2023
Term 323-28 January 2024
Term 42-5 April 2024

If you changed your mind about your courses after getting them assigned, you can drop courses by sending an e-mail to ibcomstudents@eshcc.eur.nl. However, you cannot change them to other courses. To add courses, you need to follow the Late Registration Procedure.

If you have missed the deadline for course registrations, you can still join Late Registrations, which takes place in specific periods. 

This procedure is handled by the faculty's Education Office, located at Van der Goot Building, M7.

During the Late Registration Period you can visit them at the desk at Van Der Goot Building M7-31. Before visiting make sure you have prepared a list of courses you are interested in. As courses may already be full, make sure you have a list of back-up courses! You can only do this within the dates and timeslots indicated below! Outside of those hours Late Registrations are not possible. Email requests are not processed.

Please note that the procedure is first come, first serve, and that Late Registrations are an exception for those who miss the original deadline. Missing Late Registrations means no access to IBCoM's courses - we can't make exceptions to exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.

Course periodLate Registration Period (between 9:00-11:00 AM)
Term 123 August 2023
Term 21 November 2023
Term 324 January 2024
Term 43 April 2024

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