Sustainable Transitions in Culture & Societies (STiCS)

ERMeCHS Research Cluster
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Sustainable Transitions in Culture & Societies

Sustainable Transitions in Culture & Societies

This research cluster brings together researchers who take cultural, historical, economic, and media perspectives to investigate the urgent sustainability transitions required to tackle the most complex environmental and societal challenges. The climate emergency and growing social inequalities demand that, from the production to the delivery of goods and services, from lifestyle choices to consumption practices, negative environmental and social impacts are more transparently accounted for and brought within the boundaries that allow our planet and societies to thrive.

The research carried out within STICS explores urgent sustainability transitions from the following angles:

  • Integrating sustainability in production processes, from sustainable value chains, product of service, to Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate morality
  • Exploring sustainability values in relation with consumer culture
  • Engaging with sustainability in social movements and bottom-up practices, like activism, grassoroots organisations
  • Exploring discourses and sense-making surrounding sustainability transitions
  • Revising sustainability paradigms in a cross-cultural perspective, understanding how current thinking and theorizing on sustainability reproduces particular worldviews
  • Communicating on sustainability, from media coverage, sustainable art, and art-science collaborations

Projects within this cluster

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