Responsible Engagement with AI, Culture and Technology (REACT)

ERMeCHS research cluster
REACT research cluster

Developments in new information and communication technologies have produced a number of possibilities and positive advantages alongside numerous significant concerns and disadvantages. These are related to personal, social, political and economic life. To engage responsibly with these technologies, the REACT research cluster strives to imagine, create, and maintain safe, ethical, equitable engagement with technologies to work towards positive social futures. From a technology's lifecycle to its circulation in and interaction within differing cultures and their potential for social impact, we identify the ways research can contribute to the mitigation of problematic technological development or implementation. 

The focus of our research includes cultural, social, historical, political, and ethical issues connected to digital media practices, the management and protection of data, the proliferating use of artificial intelligence, increasing trends of digitalisation, potential for technological bias, intersectional history of differences in access to privacy and data protection, privacy negotiations, various forms of surveillance, and (cyber) security approaches and challenges. 


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