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Past EIPE Conferences

Conference      Date                      
EIPE/UU Ethics Institute Book Manuscript Symposium
6 February 2017
EIPE 20th anniversary conference
22-24 March 2017
EIPE workshop on Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Social Science 15-16 December 2016
INEM/CHESS/EIPE Summer School in Economics and Philosophy 11-13 July 2016

Dutch Social Choice Colloquium

3 June 2016

The Challenge from Climate Justice: Perspectives from Philosophy and Economics

10 May 2016
Discounting the Future: Theory meets Policy 11 March 2016
Human Rights: Theory Meets Practice 19 June 2015
Ghent-Rotterdam-Tilburg Graduate Workshop in Philosophy 27 February 2015
OZSW ReMa Winter School 11-13 December 2014
Workshop 'New Trends in the Philosophy of Social Science' 21 November 2014
300 Years Fable of the Bees Conference 6 June 2014
Formal Ethics Conference 30-31 May
EIPE-TiLPS Graduate Workshop in Philosophy of Science 20 February 2014
Philip Kitcher in Rotterdam 7-8 November 2013
INEM Conference 13-15 June 2013
Workshop Social Mechanisms and Social Explanation 8 May 2012
Mark Blaug Memorial Conference 28 March 2012
Graduate Conference in Philosophy of Science 8-9 March 2012
Mini-course in Epistemic Game Theory 1-2 February 2012

Rotterdam-Tilburg Graduate Workshop in Philosophy of Science

17 November 2011
Symposium Amartya Sen 30 June - 1 July 2010
Economics made fun in the face of the economic crisis 10-11 December 2010
Causalities in the Biomedical and Social Sciences 6-8 October 2010
Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable 19-20 October 2009
Neuroeconomics: Hype or Hope 20-22 November 2008


About EIPE

  I attended a symposium at EIPE in June 2010 on philosophical work closely related to my own efforts. The conference facilitated the presentation of some cutting-edge research in the philosophy of justice particularly related to the social sciences and economics. Both in terms of the range of subjects covered and the quality of the papers presented, as well as the vigourous and productive nature of the discussions that followed the presentation of the papers, the symposium was a spectacular success.
Amartya Sen
Thomas W. Lamont University Professor and Professor of Economics and Philosophy, Harvard University