EIPE Research Seminars

EIPE Research Seminar 2017 Spring

Format: Papers are emailed 1 week in advance.  Presenters give a 20 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes for the discussant and then a plenary discussion. Seminars conclude with informal discussions over drinks. Everybody is very welcome to participate! Please e-mail Ticia Herold (e-mail: herold@remove-this.fwb.eur.nl) to receive the papers presented.


March 6, Luis Mireles Flores 

“Does free trade really work? How well-established scientifc generalisations can be policy useless”
discussant: Aksel Erbahar (EUR)

Monday 17:00-18:30, room: C1-4 (Theil building)
May 1- Leah Henderson (UG)
How to deal with unreliable witnesses''
Discussant: Christopher Clarke (EUR)
Monday 17:00-18:30, room: C1-4 (Theil building)


May 15- Till Grune-Yanoff
'Boost vs. Nudge- A conceptual distinction relevant for behavioral policy-making''
Discussant: Joel Anderson (UU)
Monday 17:00-18:30, room: C1-4 (Theil building)

June 12- VU-EIPE Double Seminar
Monday 12:00-18:00, room C1-1 (Theil building)


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In the archive you can find all the previous research seminars hosted by EIPE.

About EIPE

  It is critically important that work in political philosophy be informed by work in the empirical social sciences, including economics. At the same time, work in economics inevitably raises a number of important philosophical questions, including questions of ethics. There are few places where such interdisciplinary research takes place and fewer still which train students to draw out the connections between philosophy and economics. EIPE is a welcome outlier, a place where inter-disciplinary conversations and research thrives. It was a pleasure to present my work to such a stimulating group of scholars.
Debra Satz
Marta Sutton Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society, Professor of Philosophy, Stanford University