EIPE Ph.D. Students

EIPE Current Ph.D. Students

Name Dissertation
Osman Caglar Dede  Understanding Economics as an Inductive Policy Science in Societal Context 
Job Daemen Theory and Practice in Financial Markets
Willem van der Deijl Maximands of Social Policy: Norms, Values and Valuations
James Grayot Theories of cognition in frameworks of rational choice
Clemens Hirsch Types of Explanation and Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Institutionalist Theorizing
Mohammad Javad Tavakoli Homo Economicus and Moral Motivation
Vaios Koliofotis A Philosophical Enquiry into the Evolution of Economic Preferences
Daphne Truijens

Nudge: On Individual Choice, Rationality and Learning Behavior

Melissa Vergara Fernández An enquiry into the use of economic models (working title)
Philippe Verreault-Julien Explanation, Understanding, and Knowledge: an Inquiry into the Epistemological Foundations of Economic Modelling


EIPE Ph.D. Graduates

Name                             Dissertation YearDR
Susana Graça Pereira de Oliveira Economics on Stage 2017
Dr. Luis Mireles-Flores An Inquiry Into The Practical Relevance Potential Of Economic Theories  2016
Dr. Joost W. Hengstmengel Religion and the rise of economics as a science 2016
Dr. Sine Bagatur In Defense of a Democratic Account of Human Rights 2015
Dr. Attillia Ruzzene Inferring causality in the social sciences 2014
Dr. Thomas Wells Reasoning about Human Development 2013
Dr. François Claveau Causal Reasoning in Economics: A Selective Exploration of Semantic, Epistemic and Dynamical Aspects 2012
Dr. Till Düppe Economic Significance: A Phenomenological Inquiry into Economic Life 2009
Dr. Altug Yalcintas Institutional Economics and Historical Analysis 2009
Dr. Alessandro Lanteri The Moral Trial: On Ethics and Economics 2008
Dr. Aki Lehtinen The Welfare Consequences of Strategic Voting 2007
Dr. Roberta Muramatsu Emotions in Action 2006
Dr. Ana Cordeiro dos Santos Experimental Economics – from a methodological point of view 2006
Dr. Caterina Marchionni Unity, Plurality and Explanation 2005
Dr. F.A. Hindriks Rules and Institutions 2005
Dr. Emrah Aydinonat Explaining the Unintended Consequences of Human Action 2004
Dr. Gülbahar Tezel Alfred Marshall on Technology: Tensions and Teachings 2004
Dr. Jorma Sappinen Stretching the Scope of Economics 2003
Dr. Peter Marks Association Between Games 2002





About EIPE

Although researchers with a serious interest in economic methodology are scattered around the world, there is only one Ph.D. program in the field, at Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Not surprisingly, this institute has attracted an outstanding faculty; and it regularly hosts as visitors all the leading figures in the field. It is a very special place which I regularly recommend to students interested in graduate studies in economic methodology.
Daniel Hausman
Herbert A. Simon and Hilldale Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Madison