François Claveau

Causal Reasoning in Economics: A Selective Exploration of Semantic, Epistemic and Dynamical Aspects

prof. Julian Reiss and prof. Kevin Hoover

Description of the project

My PhD thesis contributes to contemporary discussions about causation in the sciences. It does so by studying three aspects of causal reasoning in policy-oriented economics: the semantics of causal generalizations, the role of evidential variety in causal epistemology, and the dynamics of causal beliefs when the epistemic community faces unexpected facts (i.e. deviant cases). My approach is case-based: I use the literature on the causes of unemployment to inform my philosophical work.
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Curriculum Vitae
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Although researchers with a serious interest in economic methodology are scattered around the world, there is only one Ph.D. program in the field, at Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Not surprisingly, this institute has attracted an outstanding faculty; and it regularly hosts as visitors all the leading figures in the field. It is a very special place which I regularly recommend to students interested in graduate studies in economic methodology.
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