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Executive education and research-based consultancy from our experts

Are you looking for a party that can provide research-based advice for your company? Or would you like to develop your professional skills in an executive programme or post-academic master? The EUR Holding knows several LLC's that provide education and consultancy and conduct research for companies. Our experts work on a broad range of themes that are being studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam, such as sustainability, accountancy and social issues. Have a look at our LLC's and their expertises.

Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT) BV
As a world-leading institute for research on and for sustainability transitions, DRIFT conducts interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research to better understand and facilitate new ways of thinking, doing and organizing in transitions.
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Corporate Communication Center BV (CCC)
The CCC offers post academic education in the field of Corporate Communication. The programme is designedto provide professionals with strategic, leadership, and management skills as well as in-depth knowledge of corporate communication.
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Erasmus Centre for Healthcare Management
Postacademic education and research regarding management and policy-making in the health care sector.
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Erasmus Academie BV
Postgraduate education for professionals and education for people over 50 (‘university of the third age’).
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Excellent education in the field of accountancy and assurance.
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Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies BV (IHS)
IHS is a center of urban expertise. Looking at cities from different perspectives, we educate urban professionals from different backgrounds, consult national and local governments from the Global South and engage in cutting-edge urban research.
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RISBO BV | Research-Training-Consultancy
Risbo focuses on (a) scientific research into education, (b) training of teachers and educational innovation, (c) scientific research into social issues and (d) scientific research into innovations in the public domain.
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Socio-economic research on topics such as labour markets, education, innovation, regulation and entrepreneurship; with specific emphasis on evaluations.
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Fiscaal Economisch Instituut BV (FEI)
FEI provides the fiscal economic education at the Erasmus School of Economics. FEI also conducts research about fiscal economics for municipalities, governments and companies.
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Erasmus Research Business Support BV (ERBS)
ERBS supports innovative research activities within the EUR, such as: Auctiometrix, ECRi, ErasmusTalent, Erasmus OR Centre and GovernEUR.
Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics BV (Erasmus UPT)
Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics (Erasmus UPT) is a research and education institute that focuses on the themes Urban and Regional Economics, Port Economics and Transport Economics.
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Erasmus Smartport Rotterdam BV (ESPR)
The Erasmus Center for Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL) is supported by Erasmus School of Economics and Rotterdam School of Management. MEL offers programmes for postgraduates, executives and in-company training in Maritime Economics and Logistics.
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Erasmus Q-Intelligence BV (EQI)
EQI is a service provider in the field of HR Analytics, Data Science and Business Analytics for medium-sized and large companies. In addition, EQI also provides training and executive programs in these fields.
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Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship BV (ECE)
The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship is a university expertise centre that stimulates entrepreneurial behavior and fosters ambitious and innovative entrepreneurship.
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institute for Medical Technology Assessment (iMTA)
The institute for Medical Technology Assessment (iMTA) is a renowned group of experts in health economics working with public and private institutes.
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Erasmus Institute for Business Economics BV (EIBE?
The Erasmus Institute for Business Economics is a platform with a holistic view of Business Economics. EIBE supports operating institutes, it presents gained knowledge and clarifies which related education is offered.
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EURflex BV
EURflex is the internal payrolling agency of Erasmus University Rotterdam. For the faculties and support services of the EUR, EURflex arranges the payment of flexible workers.
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ESL Executive Education BV (ESL ExEd)
ESL ExEd offers legal master programmes for professionals.
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