Events at Erasmus University Rotterdam
Academic traditions, festivals and more


Academic ceremonies

Erasmus University Rotterdam organises several academic ceremonies every year. These events have become an important part of our traditions and history. 

  • Laurenskerk tijdens Opening Academisch Jaar

    Opening of the Academic Year
    This event takes place on the first Monday of September. During this ceremony, the chairman of the Executive Board and guest speakers discuss the central theme of that year's edition. Also, the Education Prize and the Research Prize are being granted to excellent teachers and scholars of our university. Read more about the Opening of the Academic Year.

  • Global health’ thema van 102e dies natalis

    Dies Natalis
    On 8 November, Erasmus University Rotterdam celebrates its birthday. On 8 November 1913, the Nederlandsche Handels-Hoogeschool (NHH) was being founded, the first predecessor of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. During the Dies Natalis, the Rector Magnificus gives a lecture. Also, the university awards several honorary doctorates to distinguished scholars. Like the Opening of the Academic Year, the ceremony starts with the entrance of the professors in their academic togas, the managers and student associations.

  • Eredoctor Navi Pillay: Hou vast aan normen en waarden van

    The Mandeville Lecture
    The Mandeville Lecture is an initiative of Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Rotterdam business community (Club Rotterdam) and the Erasmus Trust Fund, united in the Bernard Mandeville Foundation. The Mandeville Lecture is named after the Rotterdam-born philosopher and physician Bernard Mandeville (1670-1733). 

Corporate events

In addition to the official academic ceremonies - part of the academic tradition - the university organizes a number of corporate events. These events focus on various strategic themes, such as talent development and the importance of diversity.

  • Studenten op het gras tijdens de Eurekaweek

    During this introduction week, brand new students will get to know Rotterdam and the university.

  • New Year's reception 2017

    New Year's Reception
    A get-together for staff members and relations of the university, to discuss the ambitions and goals of Erasmus University Rotterdam for the coming year. Read more about the New Year's Reception.

  • Erasmus Charity Run
    Each year, students, staff members and alumni of the university take part in the Rotterdam Marathon (10,5 km and 42,195 km) to raise money for the Erasmus Scholarship Fund. Read more about the Erasmus Charity Run.

  • Talent Day 2018

    Talent Day
    During its annual Talent Day, Erasmus University honours its most successful scientists as well as its most talented students. Read more about the event, the prizes and the laureates.

  • Internationale Vrouwendag

    International Women's Day
    International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The EUR firmly supports diversity in its workforce. 

  • Students with glowsticks at HeartBeat Festival 2019

    HeartBeat Festival
    Students and staff members of Erasmus University enjoy good music and food during this festival at the start of the new academic year. Read more about the HeartBeat Festival.

Science Meets City: the 21st lustrum of Erasmus University Rotterdam

In the academic year 2018-2019, we celebrated our 105th anniversary. Throughout this lustrum year, many activities took place, all centered around the theme 'Science Meets City'.