Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for preparing and implementing policy and managing the university. The members of the Board are: Prof. Ed Brinksma, Prof. Annelien Bredenoord and Dr Ellen van Schoten.

The Executive Board, together with the deans, wishes to put the university firmly on the map as a leading, internationally-oriented university with strong roots in Rotterdam. The members of the Executive Board are appointed by the Supervisory Board of EUR.

  • President: Prof. H. (Ed) Brinksma

    Ed Brinksma is appointed as President of Erasmus University Rotterdam’s Executive Board, commencing 1 September 2020.

    As President of the Executive Board Brinksma will be responsible for general governance issues, the university’s strategic policy and international affairs. In addition, he will create and maintain contact with external parties including government departments and agencies, the business community and other knowledge institutions.

    Ed Brinksma was President of Hamburg University of Technology and he also served as Rector Magnificus at the University of Twente (UT) where he is still a Professor of Computer Science (Formal Methods of Embedded Systems). 

    Read Brinksma's profile, his ancillary positions or memberships affiliated with the position.

  • Rector Magnificus: Prof. A.L. (Annelien) Bredenoord

    Annelien Bredenoord is appointed as Rector Magnificus of Erasmus University Rotterdam, commencing 1 October 2021. Her main focus is on education, research and impact, including academic staff (policy), students and research information.

    Read Bredenoord’s profile, her ancillary positions or memberships affiliated with the position.

    Annelien Bredenoord
  • Vice-President: Dr. E.M.A. (Ellen) van Schoten

    Ellen van Schoten is appointed as Vice-President of Erasmus University Rotterdam’s Executive Board, commencing 1 January 2021.
    She is responsible for a portfolio which includes: Finance, Human Resources, Real Estate & Facilities, Information Technology and the Strategic Pillar Sustainability.

    Read Van Schoten's profile, her ancillary positions or memberships affiliated with the position.

    Ellen van Schoten in Polak Building.
    Ellen van Schoten.
    Alexander Santos Lima
  • Secretary: A.M. (Ann) O'Brien MBA

    Ann O’Brien is secretary of the Executive Board and director of the General Management Directorate. She is responsible for the coordination and organisation of the chain of administrative decision-making on a corporate level and advises the Executive Board on matters of strategic importance. In addition she operates as the secretary of the Supervisory Board and its committees as well as the director of the General Management Directorate.


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