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Student members

The elected student members of 2021-2022 are Caglia Altin, Simo Azzarhouni, Sandra Constantinou Juhasz, Zohra Hayat, Bram Heesen, Pi Cheng Hu, Patryk Jarmakowicz, Jasper Klasen, Daemon Kregting, Robbert Rog, Friso Roos and Timo Zandlviet.

Staff members

The elected staff members of 2021-2022 are Emese von Bóné (ESL), Irena Boskovic (ESSB), Georgiana Carp (RSM), Aleid Fokkema (ESHCC), Ernst Hulst (ESHPM), Bianca Jadoenath (ISS), Sebastiaan Kamp (PRO), Natascha Kraal (EMC), Nikita Schoemaker (ESSB), Albert Wagelmans (ESE), Max Wagenaar (ESPhil) and John van Wel (PRO).

Our four core values





Our biography

The core of the University Council, as elected representatives of the Erasmian community, begins with visionary work, taking initiative and creative action to implement change. Our members work together, and with the Executive Board and policymakers, in a solution-oriented and responsible manner to make a positive impact.

Energetic and dedicated, the University Council strives to create an environment where Erasmians of all levels can excel and connect through learning and development. 

The purpose of the University Council is representing the community, creating an inspirational and sustainable work and study environment.

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