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The University Council represents the students and staff members of Erasmus University Rotterdam on a central level. The University Council regularly meets with the Executive Board to discuss central policies of the university regarding education, research, finance, HR and organisation. The University Council provides advice on request, but also proactively, and has the right of consent on certain matters. 

UC meetings are public, the documents can be found on

Participation ensures that you, as a student or employee, can bring your points to the attention of the board. If you have comments or questions about university-wide issues, the University Council is the place to be.
Ivonne Cune-Noten, President University Council
It’s been great to work with staff and students from different schools on topics ranging from sustainability to finance, from wellbeing and social safety to an educational vision.
Aleid Fokkema

Our four core values

  1. Solution-oriented

  2. Responsible

  3. Sustainable

  4. Visionary

Our biography

The core of the University Council, as elected representatives of the Erasmian community, begins with visionary work, taking initiative and creative action to implement change. Our members work together, and with the Executive Board and policymakers, in a solution-oriented and responsible manner to make a positive impact.

Energetic and dedicated, the University Council strives to create an environment where Erasmians of all levels can excel and connect through learning and development. 

The purpose of the University Council is representing the community, creating an inspirational and sustainable work and study environment.

University Council Annual Report 2022-2023

Assistant University Council

Eline van Munster

Email address
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
3062 PA

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