Professional Services

At Erasmus University Rotterdam, seven central services, the faculties, the University Library (UL) and the General Management Directorate are jointly responsible for professional services. They all work together to meet the challenges arising from Erasmus University Rotterdam’s strategy for 2020-2024.

Seven central services

The seven central services are concerned with ICT, HR and finance, facility services, marketing & communication, research support and education and student affairs:

  1. Education & Student Affairs (E&S)
    service director Lilian Jillissen
  2. Marketing & Communications (M&C)
    service director Mireille Spapens
  3. Human Resources (HR)
    service director Lieke Skidmore-Vencken
  4. Finance (FIN)
    service director John van Barneveld
  5. Real Estate & Facilities (RE&F)
    service director Marijke Weustink-van Ditzhuijzen
  6. Information Technology (IT)
    service director Wout van Wijngaarden
  7. Erasmus Research Services (ERS)
    service director Margo Strijbosch

Education & Student Affairs

Education & Student Affairs (E&S) focuses on services and support to students, faculties and the Executive Board. We work together with our education partners to provide an optimal study environment in which our students can fulfil their potential.

Service director Lilian Jillissen

Education & Student Affairs Secretariat
+31 (0)10 408 1139

Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications (M&C) service aims to provide an integrated and supported marketing and communications policy that contributes to EUR's strategic objectives. The service ensures that the various parts of the organisation can present themselves to the outside world as one Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Service director Mireille Spapens

M&C Secretariat
+31 10 408 1777

You can find more information about the services of Marketing & Communications for employees on MyEUR, our intranet.

Human Resources (HR)

From its specialist field, HR makes an effective and efficient contribution to help achieve the organisational strategy and the organisational objectives. HR's main task is to facilitate the organisation by enabling optimal availability and deployment of staff and their talents.

Service director Lieke Skidmore-Vencken

HR Secretariat
Ellen Verschoor: +31 (0)10 4081704
Myriam Bouckaert: +31 (0)6 40285809

Finance (FIN)

The Finance service handles all the financial transactions reliably (correctly, completely and on time), so that Erasmus University Rotterdam complies with relevant guidelines and legal frameworks. Processing of financial transactions takes customers minimum time and effort.

Service director John van Barneveld

Finance Secretariat
Edwina de Rijke
+31 (0)10 408 1709

Real Estate & Facilities

Real Estate & Facilities (RE&F) offers inspiring, well-functioning and efficient housing and facility management to enable students, staff and visitors at Erasmus University Rotterdam to perform optimally and feel at home there. Visitors experience the campus as pleasant, comfortable, functional, inspiring and clean.

Service director Marijke Weustink-van Ditzhuijzen

RE&F Secretariat
+0031 (0)10 408 1832 
or +0031 (0)10 4081025​​​​​

Information Technology (IT) 

The Information Technology (IT) service provides a virtual workplace independent of place and time. Through the IT workplace environment, staff can work at 'any time', in 'any place' and on 'any device'. Furthermore, IT can provide (customised) IT development, integration and project management. We develop the (generic) IT workplace environment within the IT service, where we compile customer wishes and requirements via the service consultations. IT development, integration and project management are always a collaboration between the faculty/client and the IT service.

As of 23 September 2021, the IT department, the CIO Office and the DIM department have joined forces in the work organization Erasmus Digitalization & Information Services, abbreviated EDIS. By managing these disciplines from one point, we increase our effectiveness and we can provide better direction, make choices and realize the information provision for the domains of education, research and business operations. In the first quarter of 2022, we will evaluate the cooperation in the work organization and we will decide whether and how we will formalize the work organization.

Service director Wout van Wijngaarden

IT Secretariat
+0031 (0)10 408 10 45 ()

IT Service Desk
+0031 (0)10 408 88 80

Erasmus Research Services (ERS)

ERS offers support to individual researchers and research groups in the field of grants, ethical reviews, legal advice, research data management, open science and research intelligence.

Service director Margo Strijbosch

ERS secretariat 
Helen de Bakker
+31 (0)10 408 1720

Staff departments

General Management Directorate (ABD)

Directeur: Ann O'Brien
+31 (0)10 408 2246 (secretariat)

Go to: Legal Affairs (Dutch website)

University Library

The University Library has an extensive collection of books and journals on every subject that is taught at the Erasmus University. The library also supports students and staff in various aspects of their education, teaching and research. Moreover, the library is a nice place to meet, work together and study in silence.

Director: Matthijs van Otegem

+31 (0)10 408 1198 (for general information)

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