Strategy 2024

Creating positive societal impact

In today’s rapidly changing world, society expects engagement with universities to tackle complex societal challenges together. Erasmus University Rotterdam is committed to being fully engaged with society, taking responsibility and proposing solutions for the society of the future. Our mission is: to create positive societal impact. We do it 'the Erasmian way'.

One university, one community, one goal

Why is our mission so important and what will we do to fulfill this?

Strategy 2024

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Mission statement

We strive to understand and make progress towards solving complex societal challenges, with alignment in our core activities of education and research and in close cooperation with our partners locally and globally. We achieve our mission by being a research-intensive academic institution that develops and shares excellent scientific knowledge and skills.

Our education helps students develop the skills required for the current and future job market, with the inspiration and ability to contribute to positive societal impact. Our research is driven by the curiosity of our academic staff and a strong focus on quality and relevance. This leads to a research portfolio covering the full continuum from fundamental to more applied research, each essential in fulfilling our mission.

Impact & Relevance 2014-2018

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