Strategy 2024

We at Erasmus University Rotterdam have a mission: to create a positive impact on societal challenges. Over the next year, our mission will be guiding us while building a five-year strategy based upon seven priorities.

This renewed mission is one of the outcomes of the first phase in the development of a new five year strategy, Strategy 2024. In this phase the Executive Board and internal stakeholders have developed a framework for the new strategy. The mission and seven priorities are important outcomes of this process. 

In collaboration with our academic community and stakeholders we will launch a strong new strategic plan 2019-2024, starting with the opening of the academic year 2019-2020.

A strategic plan helps all of Erasmus University’s students, staff, leaders, alumni and external stakeholders understand their role in, and contribute to, meeting our institution’s long-term potential.

Erasmus University Rotterdam develops Strategy 2024

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