Mission, profile and priorities

Mission Erasmus University Rotterdam

Our mission is to create a positive impact on societal challenges. Our goal is to gain understanding and make progress toward solving complex societal challenges in alignment with our core activities: education and research. All this we will do in close cooperation with our partners, both locally and globally.

Our profile

One of the EUR’s foundational strengths is our dedication to research, education, and impact creation. These elements shape our profile, all that distinguishes us and gives us our unique and strong portfolio. More specifically, we strive for excellence in our specialised academic disciplines.

We attach great value to strong interdisciplinary cooperation in our research and education, and we aim to be an integral part of society, in communities both global and local. Through our Erasmus Initiatives, we already invest time and resources in efforts that we believe will make a significant contribution to societal impact and we will continue this.

All in all, the EUR is a local university with a global mindset, dedicated to collaborating with its worldwide community and therefore optimised for making lasting societal impact. In the coming years, this relationship will be all the more nurtured and encouraged.

Studenten op de campus in de zomer


With our mission and profile in mind we have created 7 priorities that will guide our strategic planning leading up to 2024:

A. Ensuring our education is future-oriented

B. Steering excellent academic research embedded in society

C. Fostering our societal impact identity

D. Making the most of our interdisciplinary potential

E. Investing in our talent for the future

F. Stepping up our professional services

G. Stepping up our sustainability efforts