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Our vision on education, research and our organisation
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For centuries, the role of universities has been to educate students and conduct research. They have traditionally been seen as somewhat detached from society, focusing on specific subject areas from a mono-disciplinary perspective. In view of local, national and global developments and the complex challenges the world is facing, society is asking universities to review their role and position.

We feel the need to adjust our role: we want to contribute to our society. Not as a knowledge institute at a distance, but as a knowledge centre in the midst of society. We strive to understand contemporary, complex social challenges and to contribute to their solution through our education and research. We do this in close cooperation with our external partners both locally and globally. 

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Alexander Santos Lima


We strive to contribute to solving social issues through excellent academic research. We do this with curiosity-driven research that is embedded in society and by actively engaging with local and global communities.


We create impact in our education by training our students to be tomorrow's 'change leaders' - in the public and private sectors, in their own workplaces and beyond.


We strive to ensure that all our professional services staff are familiar with the university's core activities (education, research and impact) and are prepared for constantly changing demands. Moreover, we are committed to having colleagues who are able to keep up with increasing digitalisation in a diverse, demanding and ever-changing international environment.

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