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The EUR wants to become a more attractive place to work for both current and future scientific staff, with the aim of bringing out the best in everyone. The EUR also wants to develop into an impact-driven university in the coming years. To achieve these goals, we need to revise the current system for recognition and rewards of academics in order to; ensure high educational standards, promote excellence in our research, increase our impact on society, foster inclusive leadership and, in the case of Erasmus MC, provide excellent patient care.

All this requires a culture change and to stimulate this culture change it is essential to embed these changes into the foundation of the organisation. To achieve this, a EUR framework has been published that describes the way in which we want to recognise and reward academic staff. The framework was developed in close cooperation with and approved by all faculties and the Executive Board and is in line with current developments at national and international level.

The EUR endorses the Recognition & Rewards philosophy and has drawn up a number of conditions and points of view in the framework with regard to what we as EUR consider important. We follow three main themes:

  1. Creating positive social impact;
  2. Differentiated career paths and team science;
  3. Stimulating academic leadership.

In addition, a number of important conditions for this culture change are mentioned.

The framework 'Impact through Recognition and Rewards' can be found at the bottom of this page.

Infographic Recognition & Rewards

Textual Summary Infographic

Download and view the textual summary of the infographic


Below is a download of the roadmap for the Recognition & Rewards project. It is expected that the full implementation of the new system for the Recognition & Rewards of academic staff will take place until the end of 2024, but it may take even longer. During the implementation, initiatives will take place both at the EUR level, where both the Recognition & Rewards core team and the services will have to take steps, and at faculty level.

The framework and roadmap serve as a framework for further development of the new way of Recognition & Rewards of academic staff. At the same time, the framework also offers room for interpretation and implementation for the individual faculties.

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