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With the exhibitions of Erasmus Gallery, Erasmus University Rotterdam wants to contribute to the intellectual and cultural environment for students, employees and visitors.

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In the Erasmus Gallery, you can visit the permanent exhibition, composed of the artworks of the university's collections. Also, there are changing exhibitions of artists whose work has been or might be purchased. We always strive to expose art that is thematically connected to the research that is being conducted at our university.

The Gallery is also often used as a meeting point or a space in which special occassions are celebrated. Students of the student association EFR, board members and staff members often use the space to welcome guests.

If you have any questions about the Erasmus Gallery, feel free to contact us via +31 10 408 2802.

Currently, there are different opening hours, due to the measures taken regarding the coronavirus. Please check for the most up to date information about the opening hours of buildings and facilities.


Campus Woudestein, Rotterdam
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Monday - Friday:9:00-18:00
Saturday - Sunday:Closed