How to explain complex ideas in the tutorial

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The ability to clearly explain complex concepts or ideas in a simple and clear way is essential for effective teaching. During your tutorials student might often ask you to explain something once more, or provide alternative examples. Furthermore, sometimes a part of the students does not get your explanation while others do. As a teacher, you want to be able to craft your explanation in a way that everyone in the class can follow. In this MicroLab you will practice delivering explanations of complex ideas/concepts on multiple levels of understanding. Additionally, you will learn basic learning theories to create an effective verbal and visual explanation.

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3 hours
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What will you achieve?

  • Deliver multiple levels of explanation of the same concept.
  • Create effective visual explanations (i.e. presentation slide design)

Target group and required prior knowledge

This MicroLab is intended for TAs and Tutors that are interested to further develop their teaching skills.

Form and time investment   

This MicroLab has a blended character. You will start in the online Canvas environment containing support materials. As a preparation, you will be asked to create a short presentation explaining one concept for 3 different levels of an audience's understanding using presentation slides (about 3 hours of total preparation time). During the physical workshop (3h) you will go through a series of exercises applying principles of learning to craft a simple explanation. Secondly, you will deliver prepared explanations and receive feedback from the trainer and a group.

Earn an Edubadge

You finish the MicroLab with a Proof of Competence. You will then receive an Edubadge. This is a digital, visual certificate which you can share on e.g. LinkedIn. Interested parties can immediately click on the certificate to find out what you have done to achieve the EduBadge.


Register for this MicroLab via the registration system. Do you work as a lecturer at Erasmus MC? Then sign up by sending an email to

Participants say..

“ I really enjoyed the training and how it was structured. The training was very helpful and give me some great tips for a powerpointpresentation.” 

“I appreciated that we could present our explanation at three different levels.”

“ I really liked learning from the presentations of the other participants and the feedback on their presentations.“


For questions about MicroLab and registration, please contact Risbo.

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Free for EUR lecturers

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Application deadline

The application deadline is two weeks before the MicroLab takes place. If registration is no longer possible, please contact to see if there's any spots left.

3 hours
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Community for Learning & Innovation
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Education Lab



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