Tracks and Courses

PhD Courses

Erasmus MC Graduate School offers PhD education that focusses on improving theoretical knowledge of a specific topic or on improving certain skills. For this reason the PhD courses are divided into four PhD Tracks: 

  • Core: a track with courses that are applicable for all PhD candidates (such as Scientific Integrity, Academic writing, personal development) 
  • Health Sciences 
  • Clinical Sciences  
  • Biomedical Sciences 

Irrespective of PhD track, Erasmus MC PhD candidates are welcome to follow any PhD course of interest. Erasmus MC Graduate School courses are offered via the EUR course catalogue. Please find more information about course fees and the cancellation policy here.

Course overview 

In the course overview you will find a list of all PhD education and training that Erasmus MC Graduate School offers, divided over the PhD tracks. Registration for a course opens approximately 3 months before the start date of a course. 

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