Obtaining a PhD position

Erasmus MC Graduate School

There are several ways to obtain a PhD position at Erasmus MC:

1. Apply for a paid PhD position 

  • Employed as a PhD candidate 

  • Employee of Erasmus MC in a PhD track

2. Obtain external funding & pitch your idea 

  • Scholarship: you are on a scholarship from an external provider; These scholarships can come from foreign governments, international organizations or Dutch funds for foreign PhD candidates; 

  • Funded by an external company: you are an employee at a university of applied sciences, a company, or a hospital and your employer provides you with compensation in time and/or money. You will need a hospitality agreement (“gastvrijheidsovereenkomst - GVO). Hospitality agreement gives you access to basic services: access to library, access to intranet, access to other necessary facilities and online services; 

  • Self-funded: you work on your thesis in your own time and with your own money. 


3. Research proposal 

Do you have a specific research proposal for a PhD project that does not match one of our current vacancies? Then pitch your own idea to a principal investigator of a specific department. You can find the principal investigators for various research departments here

4. Scholarships and funding 
Please find more information regarding scholarships or funding on the EUR website, go here

To be admitted to a PhD track, you must meet specific requirements, hold a recognized bachelor's and master's degree, and demonstrate a good knowledge of English. 

Registration Procedure  

As soon as you are registered as PhD candidate at Erasmus MC Graduate School, our Pre- and Onboarding programme will commence to provide you with essential information about obtaining a PhD at Erasmus MC, read more on the pre- onboarding page.

PhD Vacancies 

Applying for a PhD position is the most important step in a research-oriented career. It is the highest education programme offered by universities and the outcome (i.e., results) of your PhD training trajectory determines the next steps in your career.   

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