Information systems and communication channels

Below is a brief explanation of all Erasmus MC information systems and communication channels. A manual on exactly when to use which system/channel can be found here. 

Every student at Erasmus University has a 6-digit student number. This number is personal and is listed on the EUR student card. The student number together with two initials is the login, called ERNA-account, for the various systems used within Erasmus MC (the login name has the form An e-mail address is also associated with the student number: The student may choose to change his/her e-mail address.

As a student, you must comply with the Code of Conduct for the use of internet and ICT facilities at Erasmus MC. This code of conduct contains comprehensive rules for the use of all forms of digital information.

Communication from and with the program is always via the official university e-mail address. Students are responsible for keeping track of the information shared through this means. You can have the student email automatically forwarded to your own private address. is the intranet for students. On this platform all messages from the various systems come together. Virtually all communication related to education goes through Canvas and OSIRIS. Use to quickly get an overview of all messages from different systems. 

Using you can stay informed about important EUR and Erasmus MC Education news. Here you will find, among other things:   

  • Notifications from Canvas, Osiris and more    

  • News items about Erasmus MC research, education and patient care  

  • Events

  • Direct links to your student email, STiP, Medical Library, your schedule and other systems such as Scorion.   

Take a look around: You log in with your ERNA account.

Canvas is Erasmus University's digital learning environment and is used in the Medicine and Research Masters programs. Canvas is mainly intended for educational information regarding themes and internships in Medicine and the subjects in the Research Masters. Each curriculum component has its own Canvas site and through the direct link with OSIRIS you are automatically registered for the correct courses. Here you can find an overview of all courses per academic year for the bachelor and master Medicine.
The Nanobiology, Clinical Technology and Technical Medicine programs use Brightspace, the digital learning environment at TU Delft (the leader of these programs).

Do you have practical questions about your studies? Then check the study information portal STiP for an answer to your question. For questions about STiP or its content, contact the Education Service Centre (OSC), their contact information can be found in STiP.

OSIRIS is the study progress system of the EUR. On OSIRIS, students can register for (re)exams, view their study progress (grades obtained, education and examination programs yet to be completed, etc.), request various (English) grade overviews, see in which study group he/she has been placed (via 'Enroll', 'Enrollment Overview'), etc. Enrollment codes for examinations can be found in the overview of the examination program or in the study progress overview. Important messages are also regularly sent by the OSC via OSIRIS.

The CIS is Erasmus MC's Curriculum Information System. It is a management system that records all educational activities of the program to support various education-related processes. CIS is used for Medicine and some Research Masters to manage educational content and related meta-information, such as content descriptions, learning objectives, keywords, teachers involved and logistical information.

CIS is directly accessible to faculty via a login. Topic books and course manuals are generated from CIS and posted on Canvas. Students can search the CIS through Canvas using the "Search curriculum" button.

After registering for a program at Erasmus MC, students receive an ERNA account through the Erasmus Student Service Center (ESSC). This account gives students access to all Erasmus University digital facilities, including e-mail, the study progress system OSIRIS, MyEUR, 24EUR7 (Office Online) and the electronic learning environment Canvas. More information about your ERNA account can be found on MyEUR. Here you can also change your password.

Use EduVPN to access the EUR network from home via VPN.

Teaching timetables can be found in STiP (general overview) or via My Timetables (personal timetable). Read the manual on STiP on how to set up your own personal timetable.

EPASS is the electronic portfolio system (Electronic Portfolio Assessment Support System) used for assessment and feedback in the internships.

Scorion is a digital portfolio system used at the School of Medicine within the undergraduate program, including for feedback on professional behavior and in teaching Consultation.

For students with disabilities, ReadSpeaker's text reading software TextAid is available through EUR. Request a TextAid account at or see the EUR site.

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