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Looking to immigrate to the Netherlands (NL) for your studies? Great choice! Before travelling here, you will need to sort out your immigration matters first. Unsure about what you need - a visa, residence permit, or nothing at all? Wondering about the costs and processing time? We've got you covered!

Understanding the role of Erasmus University in immigration procedures

By Dutch law, students cannot apply for a study residence permit themselves. The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) implements the foreign national policy in the Netherlands. Erasmus University is a recognized sponsor at the IND. As a recognised sponsor, we have our responsibilities. We assess and submit all the application forms for our students to the IND. The IND checks whether the student meets all the conditions required and must decide on an approval or not. 

Immigration and admission processes

Your immigration process is handled by Team Immigration (EUR), while your admission is handled by your faculty. This means that once your faculty informs us about your conditional or unconditional offer, we step in to assist. However, having an immigration case doesn't automatically guarantee unconditional admission. For admission-related questions, always consult your faculty's admission team. Team immigration has no knowledge about your admission process and/or deadlines.

Note: submitting your immigration documents on time (before the deadline) is crucial for your enrollment request, failing to submit your documents and pay your invoice on time results in an incomplete enrollment!

What's next? Start your immigration procedure.

First things first: a visa is not the same as a residence permit. Find out what best fits your situation, and together we can organize it. 

Watch the animation video bellow to get a better impression of the application procedure.

Immigration procedure explainer video

Immigration procedure explainer video

Immigration Insights: Join Our Webinars on June 3rd and June 5th!

Do you need a visa and/or a residence permit?

Check your personal situation.

To keep your permit, you need sufficient study results.

The EUR monitors progress.

Do you already have a residence permit...

...but need to update it?

Work or internship on your study permit?

How to work/intern in NL.

What to do after your programme?

Check out your options.

Lost your residence permit, or is it stolen?

Yep, it’s lost / stolen.

Immigration costs

There are different types of costs that you will face during the immigration procedure

Are you receiving friends or family?

Visitors and their visa / permits

FAQ’s from other international students.

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