Visa or residence permit

In principle, your nationality determines the immigration arrangements you need to take before coming to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR).

Remember: you cannot arrange your immigration process on your own. Team Immigration (International Office EUR), will reach out to you as soon as you received your (un) conditional admittance.

To be able to advise you correctly, let us know what is applicable to you:

1. I have an EU/EEA/Swiss passport

2. I have a non-EU/EEA/Swiss passport


*Are you starting a study programme at one of the following faculties? Then your faculty will contact you for the first immigration arrangements instead of us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course there is! Check out the possibilities here.

Contact your faculty for more information on the next steps. Please note that we are only able to start the immigration procedure when you are (un) conditionally admitted.

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service. They take care of all immigration and naturalization applications of individuals who wish to live in the Netherlands or want to become a Dutch citizen. 

This depends on the type of residence permit and your situation. Please contact us for further information and we’ll help you out.

We are unable to give you an indication on how long the process will take. We will however communicate a deadline to you based on your personal situation, and you need to start the application process 10 weeks prior to start date of your study programme. Failing to start the procedures in time might cause serious delays in the immigration process and may lead to you not being able to travel to the Netherlands before the start of your study programme.

We are unfortunately not able to speed up the process.

I already have a permit...

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