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During your study Master Media & Business

Our Master’s programme features a variety of activities through which students can enrich their studies. Ambitious students can for example apply for one of the Honours programmes that we offer. These honours programmes are completed in addition to the standard curriculum of the Master’s programme.

Another addition to the standard curriculum of the Master’s programme is to go on an international exchange, which allows students to extend their programme with 6 months of studying abroad at one of our partner universities.

Besides the honours programmes and the exchange, we provide many opportunities for our students to connect to the professional world. One of the ways we do this, is by frequently inviting guest lecturers in our courses and organizing fieldtrips or topical conferences. Each year we also organize the career days which give students a varied overview of the labour market for media and communication graduates. To organize the career days, we assemble a labour market committee, which consists of students from each of our master programmes.

Lastly, in term 3 and 4, our students will be working on their thesis. Here, students have the option to take a so-called thesis internship and write their thesis at a company or external organization that has a relevant research question that can be answered in the framework of a master thesis project.

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Honours Programmes

The honours programmes that we offer are extracurricular challenge programmes for excellent students. These programmes are completed in addition to the standard curriculum of the Master’s programme. There are three different Honours programmes designed for our Media Master students.

The Coopr Academy is a practical Honours Programme accessible for both Master students and third year IBCoM students. The Coopr Academy is established in order to reduce the gap between theory and practice, education and employment. Students can expect eight interactive sessions and as a final product they will prepare a pitch for a jury. In this practical honours project they will learn about the PR field by actually working on real PR cases. There are 8 x 3 hours interactive classes lead by PR professionals on a bi-weekly basis. The application requirement is a GPA of 7.0.

The honours project in collaboration with Hilversum Media Campus is meant to give students access to opportunities and challenges beyond the normal scope of a graduate programme. The HP consists of an applied project in the field of media and communication in collaboration with an external organization. Through close contact with the Communication and Media faculty and with other distinguished professionals and experts, honours students are exposed to the most recent developments in media studies. Also, it gives them the opportunity to work as a consultant for a company. The HP is a 5 EC extracurricular project on which students will work 4 days a week.

A third Honours Programme open to the Master students is The Consortium. The Consortium aims to provide additional knowledge and hands-on training in journalism and public relations for a small group of 5 to 8 students. This year The Consortium students will investigate current affairs in the province of South Holland and report about it in short videos available on the University's website. Students will have meetings and workshops with different guest lecturers to acquire the necessary skills to produce professional reporting. They will also visit various institutions to acquire relevant information about South Holland.

International Exchange

Master Media Studies students have the option to extend their master programme with six months to go on exchange. The exchange will take place in the first semester of the academic year, between September and early February.

The exchange programme offers students a unique opportunity to broaden their horizon and increase their expertise by following courses that are beyond the score of their regular master programme at one of our foreign partner universities. Our exchange programme for master students includes more than 30 international partner universities.

Career Days

At the Media & Communication department, we acknowledge the importance of connecting our students to the professional world, which is why the Career Days are organized at the end of term 3.

The Career Days include field trips, workshops and guest lectures. Participation in the Career Days is partially mandatory, as all of our Master students are asked to participate in at least one activity. This event offers students many opportunities to improve oneself in terms of professional orientation and to network with professionals.

Labour Market Committee

The Labour Market Committee consists of selected students from the different Media Master programs. Once they are accepted to the Committee, the students will help the Media & Communication support staff to organize monthly field trips, as well as the career days, which will take place in March.

The students will meet with the support staff on a bi-weekly basis for approximately two hours. The Committee offers students the possibility to build their professional network by being in direct contact with companies and other external organizations. Also, they are the point of contact for their fellow students when considering labour market orientation.

Thesis Internship

Students who wish to combine the thesis with an internship can register for one of the projects which are offered each year.

There are different companies available for the different master programmes, such as Immovator, Hilversum Media Campus, Mulier Instituut, and Dutch Game Garden. Students may also find their own host organization for a thesis internship. In this case, students should make sure to develop an academically relevant research question that is also of interest to the organization concerned.