Erasmus Colleges

For a couple of years now, the Erasmus University Rotterdam has welcomed people who are interested to participate in a selection of academic classes. Those who do not wish to do a full study, sign up for our Erasmus Colleges. They take one or more classes with regular students and complete them by taking a test.

You can attend a maximum of two courses of the master in Health Care Management, the master in Health Economics, Policy and Law, and the master in Health Economics.


Below you will find several links which will provide you with additional information about your options, as well as the available courses. As you can see, we have a variety of arrangements for people of various backgrounds.

I am....


a student at the EUR Students from Erasmus University Rotterdam
a student from another Dutch university Students from another Dutch university
a foreign student Students from a foreign university
a PhD student Internal and external PhD students
an employee from another university
(scientific personnel) / non-students