Work package 1

Understanding barriers to access and inequality in health care utilization

The aims of this work package are to identify the main barriers to health care access in a number of low and lower-middle income Asian countries and to explain inequalities in health care utilisation. Specific objectives are as follows:

  1. To provide evidence on the factors that determine health care utilization with the aim of identifying:
    1. the extent to which households are forced to forgo care when sick because it is not affordable;
    2. the impact of health insurance cover on health care utilization;
    3. the factors that lead households to rely on self-medication rather than seeking care from formal service providers.
  2. To identify the relative contribution of factors such as differences in health insurance cover and the geographic distribution of health care resources to income related inequality in health care utilization.
  3. To identify how the benifits from the scaling-up of public spending on health care would be distributed.