Projects Health Care Governance

The role of policymakers, supervisory bodies and managers in healthcare

Regulating care

The ways in which healthcare is valued

Valuing care

Structural changes in healthcare governance

Transitions in care

Healthcare in low- and middle-income countries

Globalizing care
With health systems and societies being overwhelmed by Coronavirus and Covid-19 patients, it is of crucial importance to study societal responses to the crisis

The healthcare governance group is engaged in many projects, often in collaboration with or commissioned by partners from the healthcare sector. Also, lots of more fundamental work is being done. We focus on the broad field of healthcare, with particular attention for acute, elderly and social care. Whilst there are many cross-overs, we have defined four themes that we particularly focus on:

  • Regulating care, focusing on the role of policymakers, supervisory bodies and managers in healthcare.
  • Valuing care, focusing on the ways in which healthcare is valued and the consequences of such valuation practices.
  • Transitions in care, focusing on structural changes in healthcare governance, such as decentralization and task redistribution.
  • Globalizing care, focusing on healthcare in low- and middle-income countries, with a particular eye for care organization and processes of technology and knowledge translation.
  • Covid-19

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