Caring during crises

At HCG, we initiated our research on healthcare amidst crisis and disasters during the COVID-19 pandemic. We leveraged our existing expertise in researching issues of risk, uncertainty, regulation, and patient participation in various contexts. Throughout the pandemic, we conducted two comprehensive research projects, funded by NWO and ZonMw, focusing on crisis organization in healthcare within the Netherlands (please see Practicing Corona and later, Learning to Dance, detailed in the links below). 

These endeavors not only facilitated our engagement with the Pandemic and Disaster Preparedness Center, as part of the Convergence between the EUR, Erasmus MC, and TU Delft, but also catalyzed our exploration of resilience and preparedness in healthcare during crises and disasters. 

Current projects include diverse contexts such as the Caribbean Netherlands and Indonesia, and collaborative efforts with the Dutch Healthcare Institute (Resilience and Appropriate Care) and the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate (Regulating Pandemic Preparedness). For further insight into our projects and associated publications, please refer to the links provided below.




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