Disoriented behavior

Runtime: September 2019 – September 2021
Client: ZonMw

Project description

More than 500 local and regional projects, aimed at improving the care for people with disoriented behavior, received subsidies from the Action program ‘Disoriented behavior’ of ZonMw. The aim of this project is to obtain insights into how best practices regarding the care for people with disoriented behavior are developed, sustained and spread through these projects. The first phase of the evaluation showed that the issue of disoriented behavior is a wicked – a complex and layered - problem.  This wickedness is the result of the large number of stakeholders that are involved within the issue and have diverse and sometimes opposing views on both the problem and how it should be solved. Yet, stakeholders find ways how to deal with this wickedness. In the second phase of the evaluation we investigate which mechanisms improve the way stakeholders deal with the issue by looking at best practices from different viewpoints. We collect the perspectives of people with disoriented behavior and their family members, professionals, managers and citizens. Based on the evaluation a guide will be developed, informing regions on how they can improve the care for people with disoriented behavior by implementing the mechanisms underlying best practices.

Animation preliminary results (in Dutch)


Project leader: dr. Violet Petit-Steeghs                     
Contact: vpetit@eshpm.eur.nl

Project members: dr. Hans Vollaard; dr. Hester van de Bovenkamp; Marcello Aspria, MSc; prof.dr. Roland Bal and Teyler van Muijden, MSc.


  • Petit-Steeghs, V., van de Bovenkamp, H.M., Bal, R.A. (2020) Doing wickedness. Disoriented behavior in the Netherlands. Conference EASST/4S
  • On 28 January 2021 prof. Roland Bal and assistant professor Violet-Petit-Steeghs took part in the ZonMw talk show. They shared knowledge and insights about the regional developments about disoriented behavior. The talk show can be watched via https://lnkd.in/gT7wCYp.


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