Experimental Governance in Urban Labs: the Roadmap towards Inclusive Participation and Resilience?

Runtime: 2017-2019
Funder: Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), NWA startimpuls JOIN

Project description

In contrast to hierarchical modes of steering, the (Urban) Lab is often presented as a new experimental forum that can better ensure inclusive citizen participation and promote social resilience. In this project we investigate how vulnerable youth participate in Urban Labs when it comes to questions about their health, social support, informal care and job opportunities. Underlying mechanisms of inclusion/exclusion and experimental governance will be unraveled on the basis of different case studies in cities and rural areas. This project will contribute to knowledge exchange about inclusive citizen engagement and experimental governance.


Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management: Sabrina Huizinga, Hester van de Bovenkamp, Lieke Oldenhof, Roland Bal
University of Utrecht: Hans Vollaard, Albert Meijer

University of Humanistic Studies: Evelien Tonkens, Margo Trappenburg
University of Twente: Bas Denters
Municipality of Rotterdam: Herman van Wamelen
Municipality of Amersfoort: Kevin van den Brand, Edwin Hubers
Field Academy: Otto Trienekens