The State of Local Welfare. Devolution of Welfare State Arrangements and the Implementation, Organization and Management of Welfare Services

Runtime: 2016-2020
Funder: Erasmus University, Research Excellence Initiative

Project description

Social policies traditionally are organized at the national level, hence the term ‘welfare state’. However, in various European countries a trend towards devolution of responsibilities and authorities for social policies to local governments can be witnessed. This devolution often involves more than only transferring authorities and responsibilities. It also involves the integration of curative and preventive health care, social work and voluntary social support on the clients’ level. In this project, we investigate the impact of the devolution on the activities of service-delivering professionals, local government organizations and their managers, and on the local community itself.


Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management: Kim Putters, Lieke Oldenhof, Jeroen Postma, Tim Kind.
Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences: Menno Fenger, Romke van der Veen, Jeroen van der Waal, Victor Bekkers, Bram Steijn, Babs Broekema, Ferry Koster, Brenda Vermeeren, Alissa van Zijl