Research Network HTA

Research Network HTA aims to research and improve the work of Zorginstituut Nederland (ZIN), and to connect researchers at ESHPM (especially the HCG, HE and HTA sections), Utrecht University (UIPS) and policymakers at ZIN. On a regular basis, network participants meet to discuss ongoing research together, put relevant topics on the agenda and think of new ways to have an impact on ZIN's work and beyond. Thus, this workshop provides a unique venue for research-policy interaction. Below you can find references to ongoing and already completed research projects, do not hesitate to contact us if you wish.

Ongoing PhD projects

Beyond Arm’s Length

A qualitative analysis of a semi-autonomous agency's accountability practices in decision-making about conflicting public values.

Overstekende mensen op een zebrapad

Broadening Health Technology Assessment

It often involves drugs, but other care from the basic package should also be assessed.

Person putting test tube in medical device

The implementation of Value-based Health Care in the Netherlands

To improve the quality of care for patients while controlling costs.

Medicines and money

Exploring the governance of innovative medical technology

Applied scientific research on regulatory issues.

Completed projects

Weaving necessity

Contextualisation practices for achieving robust health care coverage decisions, written by dr. Tineke Vliek.

gekleurde patronen

Working with uncertainty

The role of patients and healthcare providers in new data practices for reimbursed care.

Drie paar handen houdt een uit papier gesneden familie vast

Other projects

The evaluation of new and expensive drugs

Analysing stakeholder involvement in assessing relative effectiveness and how stakeholders value this cooperation.

Taboe - (Te) dure medicijnen?

Quantifying health gain of health care interventions to inform policy making

Resources in healthcare (such as money, personnel, and capacity) are scarce. Maintaining a high-quality healthcare system that is affordable and accessible to everyone therefore requires prioritization and decision-making.

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