Information Security

Erasmus University Rotterdam promotes secure use of IT facilities: "Safe Online – Make it happen!"

Safe Online – Make it happen!

Important information like exams, research information or privacy sensitive data needs to be protected, no matter how and where it is stored. The university takes appropriate measures to make this possible, but each student and staff member has to contribute to safe handling of data as well. The menu provides access to additional information on different topics.

In addition you can visit various websites including

    This up to date website is maintained by the Dutch government. The website helps you with problems regarding safe internet.
    The information is all in Dutch.
    Information for higher education.
    You can choose English on this website.

Information security policy

The EUR Information security policy aims to prevent security incidents, to minimize the impact of incidents and to ensure the continuity of business operations.

To enable working and studying in a secure environment, the EUR’s regulations on the use of Internet and ICT facilities apply:

  • Use Policy - for students
  • Use Policy - for employees

Privacy protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (in Dutch 'Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming') requires any organisation in the Netherlands to carefully deal with personal data. If you think that personal data has been unintentionally published or processed, report it immediately to the Service Desk. Or check out the data breach procedure

Personal data involves anything that relates to a natural person, including:

  • Name and address
  • Gender and date of birth
  • Phone numbers
  • E-mail or other electronic addresses
  • (copies of) credentials
  • Access data
  • Financial records
  • Social security number

Detailed information is available on the Dutch DPA (Data Protection Authority) website, though large parts of the website are available only in Dutch.

Incidents and security breaches

No security is ever perfect – technology is constantly evolving and both researchers and criminals are looking for errors in software, security leaks and other defects.

When you become aware of a security incident, recognize a flaw in our software or EUR webpages or find some other security issue, we like to be informed about this. Please use the Vulnerability Reporting Form

Incident reports can be submitted to the Service Desk. Additionally, shortcomings in security or notifications that need confidential handling can be submitted to the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) at

More information on reporting information security incidents and our follow up can be found as responsible disclosure.

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