Data breach

Do you suspect that you have a data breach? If so, report it immediately via:


What is a data breach?

Examples of a data breach are the loss of a USB stick with medical research files or an incident where lists of student marks become visible on the Internet. Because EUR places so much importance on the careful handling of all information, everyone is asked to report any possible data breaches, even if no personal data are involved. If a data breach could have serious consequences for the data subjects, they must also be informed.


Confidential procedure

If the matter needs to be handled confidentially, you can report the data breach directly to the Data Protection Officer of Erasmus University Rotterdam.


Data breaches and the GDPR

The GDPR imposes strict requirements on the registration of data breaches that have occurred in an organisation. EUR must therefore document all data breaches. This documentation will enable the Dutch Data Protection Authority to check whether EUR has fulfilled its duty to report.

What is a data breach?

A few examples.


after you report a data breach.

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