Niels Stensen Fellowship awarded to Dr Sohail Wahedi

Recently, Dr Sohail Wahedi, assistant professor in the department of Sociology, Theory and Methodology of Erasmus School of Law, has received the Niels Stensen Fellowship which enables him to conduct fundamental research for a year at a top institution abroad. Sohail Wahedi will conduct his research as a visiting fellow at the University of Toronto from March 2022.

His post-doc research focuses on how private actors, such as political lobby groups, (can) exert influence on the government to protect religious minorities (other private actors) in their rights or to restrict the exercise of their rights. The question is, therefore, what the dynamics in the relationship between different private actors, namely large interest groups versus individuals, and the regulatory government mean for public decisions affecting individuals. With this research, he contributes to the Sectorplan of Erasmus School of Law with a conceptual interpretation of the shift in responsibilities within a hybrid domain where public and private interests intermingle and sometimes overlap.

The Niels Stensen Fellowship Committee awards grants to exceptional researchers who have recently obtained their PhD. The fellowship is intended to allow these young academics to gain research experience abroad at leading universities and institutes. The grant is awarded to researchers in all fields of science who have demonstrated their social commitment and excellence.

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