Xandra Kramer appointed as Associate Member of the Institut De Droit International

Xandra Kramer

Xandra Kramer, Professor of Private Law & European Civil Procedure at Erasmus School of Law, has been appointed as Associate Member of the Institut De Droit International, IDI (Institute of International Law). Being appointed as Associate of the Institut De Droit International is one of the most prestigious honours for a scholar specialised in international public or civil law.

The Institut De Droit International was founded in Ghent in 1873. The Institute is an academic association that aims to improve the advancement of international law and peace. In 1904, the Insititute received the Nobel Peace Prize for improving international arbitration as a way of peaceful settlement of conflicts. The IDI has a counselling role in the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The Institut de Droit International has almost 130 members, all prominent academics and scholars from the field of international private law or public law from across the world.

Kramer has been selected based on her expertise in the area of private international law. She will be the sixth delegate of the Netherlands. Kramer: “the work of the institute is exciting because it deals with global challenges, including investment and corruption and private international law and human rights.” Important current topics that require international legal intervention include climate change and the pandemic, such as the right of access to and the global distribution of vaccinations.


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