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Bachelor in Philosophy of a Specific Discipline

Having two bachelor degrees increases your employability in almost every sector and gives you a head start when searching for a job. Your background in philosophy will provide you with an awareness of the theoretical foundations of your discipline. This allows you to pose relevant questions, come up with innovative solutions and go a step further than others. Doubling your degree with Philosophy will prove valuable and rewarding on both a personal and professional level.

Philosophy doesn’t train you for a specific job, but this doesn’t mean that philosophy doesn’t lead to any job. In fact, our alumni have ended up as researchers, teachers, civil servants, journalists, or managers in the private sector. What all these jobs have in common is that it is an advantage if you can think critically on a fundamental level. This is where philosophy gives you an edge. Especially the relation between philosophy and a specific discipline allows our students to reflect on their fields of interest and thoroughly grasp the challenges that lay ahead.

Philosophical skills

Our students use philosophy to analyse problems from different perspectives and come up with solutions. But, philosophy does not stop there. Philosophy does not just help you analyse content, but also argue for or against such content, meaning that you will be able to structure your arguments well, understand their importance, and prioritise them. Secondly, philosophy allows you to radically rethink the boundaries of contemporary challenges.

Next to the solutions presented in your complementary programme, you can shift the entire framework in which the problem was situated and come up with a new set of solutions that may not even have occurred to those merely working within the framework of your complementary programme.

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