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We have an exciting new minor in our offer. In the minor Sports and Society students will learn to critically assess the role of sports in our society. In this unique, multidisciplinary minor, sports will be examined from different perspectives, including economics, philosophy, history and media studies.


The minor Sports and Society introduces students to the study of sports from the perspective of three distinct scientific angels: philosophy, economics, and history/media studies. Students will learn about the role sports plays in today’s society and what the current social trends, problems, and challenges are. The topics discussed range from mega sports events such as the Olympics, to gender and racial inequality in sports, to integrity issues in sports and, and the role of the media. The types of questions that will be discussed are, amongst other things:

  • What are the ethical views on gender equality (and thus the pay gap) in sports?
  • How have historical events shaped the role of sports in our society?
  • What are the economic benefits of organizing large sport events?
  • How do sports media give meaning to athletes of various racial, ethnic and national backgrounds?


Students from all BSc programmes are welcome in the minor Sports and Society. It can be taken as either a 15 EC minor or 12 EC minor. It consists of 4 modules, being:

  • Sport Philosophy / Sport Ethics
  • History and Media studies of Sports
  • Sports Economics and Finance
  • Groupwork paper

The last module, the groupwork paper, only needs to be completed when taking the minor for 15 EC.


Registration for the minors takes place via EduXchange. Make sure to read the information on the minor registration page carefully and create your eduID on time. For non-selection minors, which includes the minor Sports and Society, registration takes place between 8 and 12 May on a first come, first served basis.

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