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Register for your minor in three steps!

Step 1: You need an eduID to register for a minor. Without an eduID, it is not possible to register. So first create your eduID at

Step 2: Explore minors at eduXchange and check the admission matrix to see which minors you are admissible to, according to your bachelor program.

Step 3: Register for a minor during the registration period via eduXchange.

Please note: After creating your eduID, you must log in to OSIRIS Student at least once to use your eduID.

Registration periods 2024-2025

If you meet the entry requirements, you can register via eduXchange from Tuesday 2 April 13.00 hrs until Monday 15 April 23.59 hrs 2024 for a selection minor, an educational minor or an Erasmus MC minor with a stay abroad.

In the minor description on eduXchange you will find if and how you have to submit additional documents. You will hear before 1 May whether you have been admitted. It makes no difference to your chances of admission when you apply during the application period.

Selected? You will be registered for the minor, of which you will receive a message. This message will also state if there are any additional requirements that you have to meet, for example: completion of specific courses. When you are selected and registered for a selection minor, educational minor or Erasmus MC minor with a stay abroad, you cannot take part in the registration period of non-selection minors.

Not selected? You will receive a message. From 15 May up to 15 July you can register for a non-selection minor. This registration will be on a first come, first served basis. 

In 2024-2025 you can choose from the following selection minors:

  • Educatieve minor Economie (EUR: ESE en RSM) 
  • Educatieve minor Wiskunde (EUR: ESE) 
  • Educatieve minor Geschiedenis (EUR: ESHCC)
  • Frugal Innovation (joint LDE-minor) 
  • Authenticity and Art Crime (joint LDE-minor) 
  • African Dynamics (joint LDE-minor) 
  • Computational approach to Disease, Signaling and Drug Targets (LEI) 
  • Molecular Biotechnology (LEI) 
  • Cyber Security Governance Essentials (LEI)
  • Sustainable Chemistry and Biotechnology (LEI) 
  • Architecture Presentation: Visions Reviewed (TUD) 
  • Space Missions (TUD)
  • Timeless Typologies – Remodelling Architecture (TUD) 
  • Interactive Environments (TUD) 
  • Connected Creativity (TUD) 
  • International Entrepreneurship and Development (TUD) 
  • Education (TUD) 
  • Erasmus MC minors with a stay abroad:
    • Biomedical Research in Practice
    • Global Health
    • Orgaantransplantatie: Pushing the Limits!

Did you check the admission matrix? Then you can register for a minor at eduXchange

Registration period 15 May - 15 July

From Wednesday 15 May 13:00 until Monday 15 July 23:59 hrs 2024, you can register via eduXchange for a non-selection minor. Here you can choose from EUR minors, joint LDE minors and Delft minors. 

Note: registration for minors in Leiden is possible from Wednesday 15 May until Friday 31 May. 

When you register, you will see immediately whether you have been placed or if the minor is full. If it is too busy on eduXchange, you will enter a queue after clicking on 'Register'. You will see how many people are waiting before you and how long your estimated waiting time is.

EduXchange will send your registration directly to the relevant university. In summer, you will receive information about practical matters, such as the timetable and the location(s). You will receive this information on your student account of the university offering the minor. 

Tip: Make a top 5 minor list for yourself. That way, if a minor is full, you can quickly choose the next one on the list.

Please note: a minor deregistration cannot be undone. You have no guarantee that the minor is still available.

NB: If you have already registered for a minor but wish to switch, you must first deregister from that minor before you can register for another minor. Please note deregistering for a minor cannot be undone. There is no guarantee whatsoever that the minor will still be available.

Did you create an eduID last academic year? Then follow the steps below.

If you created an eduID last academic year, it is necessary to link it again. Read the steps below to learn how to connect your institutional account to your eduID.

1. Go to My eduID and press 'Personal info'.

2. Click on one of the 'Verify' or 'Proof' buttons. It doesn't matter which one. Read the brief explanation and press 'Proceed' once you are finished. In the next screen, select the institution which you would like to connect to your eduID.

3. Complete the login process at your institution. If you are logged in successfully, you are all set! Through My eduID you can see the details of this connection: which data eduID received from your institution, when the connection was made and when it will expire. You can also remove the connection here if you want to.


Via eduXchange you can explore minors and register for EUR, Leiden, Delft and joint-LDE minors. Watch the video and start your minor orientation at eduXchange.

We advise you to explore the total overview of all minors on eduXchange before 2 April to get a good idea of what is on offer and to check whether your preferred minors are accessible to you. You can see this in the admission matrix.

Because of the different registration periods, it is important to make a clear choice beforehand whether you will choose a selection minor (minor with additional requirements) or a non-selection minor (no additional requirements).

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