Tiger College 2023 with Sanneke de Haan

Behind-the-scenes of a movie
Awee Prins en Sanneke de Haan in gesprek bij Studio Erasmus
Arie Kers

One of the International Film Festival Rotterdam's top films, preceded by one of Erasmus University Rotterdam's best researchers. Prof. Sanneke de Haan, prior to the film Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (based on Murakami's famous book), will give an introductory (English-language) lecture on the relationship between the world, yourself and the other, and how to understand it and how - as is often the case in Murakami's work - this can go wrong. What does this say about our human condition?

Prof. Sanneke de Haan is Socrates Professor of Psychiatry and Philosophy at the Erasmus School of Philosophy and the Erasmus Medical Centre. Her research focuses on the philosophy of psychiatry, phenomenology and authenticity. Sanneke is currently working on the project "Is it me or my disorder?".

Specific prior knowledge for this lecture is not required. Tickets for the Tiger College can be ordered via the IFFR website.

About Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman:
Pierre Földes' first feature-length animated film Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, an adaptation of Haruki Murakami's short stories, outlines the lives of three Tokyo residents who end up in a maelstrom of fear and introspection following the 2011 earthquake in eastern Japan.

Dazed by TV reports of the disaster, Kyoko leaves her husband Komura to investigate a strange event on her 20th birthday. To make sense of her sudden disappearance, the shocked Komura visits one acquaintance after another across the country. Meanwhile, his older colleague, the shy Katagiri, is visited by a six-foot-tall frog who asks him for help in fighting an underground monster to avert an impending disaster.

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Date: Wed Feb 1st
Time: 19.00 - 21:00
Location: Cinerama 1, Westblaak 18, Rotterdam

For tickets, see the IFFR website.

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