Tim de Mey is the first Friends of the ISVW Fellow

Dr. T.K.A.M. de Mey

Tim de Mey has been appointed as the first Friends of the ISVW Fellow. This means that this year he will use his expertise to share academic-philosophical insights outside the university context.

De Mey's ISVW Fellowship is dedicated to the love and decay of truth. Philosophical questions such as "what can I know?", "which sources of information are reliable?", "How can I distinguish facts from opinions and truth from illusion?", Tim de Mey translates them into the questions that people face today. The ideas of great thinkers of the philosophy of science gain meaning in the light of current problems, such as conspiracy thinking and the climate crisis. To act in wisdom, good knowledge is needed. How can you remain critical and avoid being led into error, without losing yourself in skepticism or relativism? 

During his fellowship, among other things, Tim de Mey will focus on creating MOOCS, vlogs, a book publication, and the development of a course.

More information

Would you like to know more about the fellowship? Visit the ISVW website.

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