The map, the metaphysical object par excellence

Thursday 15 Feb 2018, 16:00 - 18:00
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Within the drawings and paintings of artist Stan Klamer (1951), reality is abstracted to a form of cartography. With his work, Klamer creates space full of imagination, as he questions one’s being and how one is embedded in space and time.

Klamer experiences the making of his drawings as a journey, an act in time. He invites the viewer to take time, long or short, to make their journey by viewing the drawings. In 2017, the artist spent one month in Ireland mapping an area on the West Coast. This stay inspired Klamer to fascinating new works of art. 'The map, the metaphysical object par excellence' shows this new work along with drawings by the artist that were earlier obtained by the art collection EUR.

The exhibition will be opened on Thursday 15 February in the Erasmus Gallery in the presence of the artist.

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Erasmus Gallery AB-57 exhibition 'The map, the metaphysical object par excellence': 15/02 to 01/05, Mon-Fri 9-18, opening February 15 - 16:00 Erasmus University Rotterdam, corridor C- to A-building.

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