Survival kit for internationals

Survival Kit for Internationals

Student Counseling
Start date

Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019, 10:00

End date

Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019, 12:00

Spoken Language

Are you a little overwhelmed by all the legal requirements you are confronted with as an international starting a job the Netherlands? No idea what to expect on your first day at work, and how to deal with your new Dutch colleagues and business partners? This interactive workshop aims at helping you prepare for a successful start of your career in the Netherlands.


Topics that will be addressed are:

  •  Dutch business culture
  •  Intercultural skills in the Dutch workplace
  •  Things to arrange when starting a job (including healthcare insurance, healthcare allowance and income tax)
  •  Rules and regulations for non-EU nationals (including the orientation year)

This workshops starts at 10.00 hrs instead of 9.30 hrs.



Note! Make sure to use your right e-mail address (


More information

Location: Woudestein
Number of participants: max. 25
Free of charge
Workshop is designed for non-Dutch speaking EUR students or graduates (<1yr)