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Inclusive Academic Introduction

Providing a start for students that facilitates a sense of belonging

Green graduation hat with white tassle

Inclusive Groupwork Toolbox

Communication and reflection skills for your students to be able to work in diverse groups

Four different colored hands gripping each other at the wrists

Nonviolent Communication

Using a language of needs to take full responsibility for a dialogue

Intercultural Communication Training

Developing the skills to communicate effectively with others in intercultural environments

Two overlapping speech bubbles, one with english text the other with mandarin

Depolarized Communication

Hot Moments

Dealing with tension and emotion laden moments in the classroom

Literature Reflection Tool

Critical Reading Tool

Critical Self Positioning Tool

Gender diversity Toolbox

People walking on the rainbow path on campus Woudestein

EUR's Outreach Program

Girls on campus

Studying with a Functional Impairment

Digital Place Makers

Person sharing their work to class with help of powerpoint

Universitair Asiel Fonds

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