Equity Tools for Diverse Groups

'Connecting our Future': EUR's Outreach Programme

EUR and its community continue to embrace our responsibility in addressing the complex challenges that our society faces today. One such challenge is to create equitable opportunities for all groups in our community, regardless of socioeconomic or cultural background. This is the primary focus of our outreach programme: "Connecting our Future"

Programme Details

There are three main pillars to this outreach programme.

Early Outreach strives to promote equal educational opportunities for primary and secondary school students in the Rotterdam area through expanding existing EUR activities, programmes, and support structures promoting widening participation and exploring new possibilities to maximize our societal impact. We continue to deepen and strengthen our connections with young people in Rotterdam through our efforts in schools, efforts in the city, and our efforts with youth directly.

Student-Centred Support strives to support students from underrepresented backgrounds with services that match their experiences, needs and wishes, thus promoting academic success, wellbeing, and student satisfaction.

Building New Blocks offers financial support to EUR students and staff for developing and evaluating projects that aim to promote equal opportunities in primary, secondary, and higher education.

This programme involves a variety of stakeholders within its pillars. From schoolchildren, students, parents are. For more information about who would need to be present in each initiative area, please navigate to the website of "Connecting our Future"

You can get involved in many ways whether you are an internal researcher or a teacher from outside EUR. You can find out more information on the website of "Connecting our Future"

Students from underrepresented backgrounds may face barriers on their way to higher education and during their studies at higher education institutes. Higher education should be equally accessible to all talented youth regardless of their social or economic circumstances. Furthermore, we believe our students deserve proper support to complete their studies and fulfil their potential.

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