Digital Place Makers

Equity Tools for Diverse Groups
Person sharing their work to class with help of powerpoint
Person sharing their work to class with help of powerpoint

Digital Place-makers is an arts-based funded program created with and for newcomers with a refugee background in which participants experiment with new media technologies to create empowering narratives. This program is part of the Translocal Lives Research Project which investigates the various ways in which refugee migrants creatively and/or effectively use technologies, and how this affects their social participation within their host society.

For this first edition of the Digital Place-makers (external link) program, we will develop short films about participant perspectives on place-making, with these films being shared through various platforms and events to bring forward a discussion with different stakeholders (members of refugee communities, representatives of local NGOs, municipalities, grassroots organizations, advocacy groups, and researchers) on the challenges and opportunities relevant to their lives as newcomers in the Netherlands.

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