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What is the Knowledge Platform for Inclusive Education?

The knowledge platform is meant to inspire you as an educator, by providing comprehensible information about the various tools and trainings, that you can implement or bring into your learning space for yourself and your students, to be able to create an inclusive learning environment. It is structured on four pillars which outline the four main areas of focus in practicing inclusive education: Community BuildingConnective CommunicationCritical Self-Reflection, and Contextualization of Knowledge. Underneath each of the pillars are several resources (what we call toolboxes) focusing on more practical and specific interventions.

We define inclusive education as an approach to education in which diverse students and teachers feel a high level of psychological safety because they feel they belong, that their voice is respected and that they can be successful regardless of the visible or invisible aspects of diversity

In creating a safe learning environment, we provide the inclusive education tools necessary to have all discussions and dialogue in a respectful and compassionate setting that maintains connection across differences. This safe learning environment encourages dialogue, which might feel uncomfortable, but everyone will participate respectfully and come to new understandings.

Overview of all toolboxes

Community Building

Fostering a sense of belonging

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Connective Communication

Cultivating respectful and empathetic interactions

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Contextualization of Knowledge

Considering the origins of how and what we teach

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Critical Self Reflection

Discern oneself from others through personal and professional reflection

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Equity Tools for Diverse Groups

Towards an education that benefits all, equally!

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

More about equity, diversity and inclusion at EUR

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Inclusive Education

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