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Exploring Impact-driven Education: Unveiling a Qualitative Research Journey

Embarking on the innovative path of Impact-Driven Education since its inception in 2020 has been a fascinating journey as part of the educational vision of EUR. Over the past three years, various courses across EUR faculties have taken shape, marking the evolution of this groundbreaking educational approach. As we delve into the realm of this transformative pedagogical instrument, the pivotal task of selecting an appropriate research methodology becomes apparent, laying the foundation for our theoretical and empirical framework.

In the initial stages of Impact-driven Education, research efforts primarily focused on assessing its positive societal impact. However, our current research endeavours shift the spotlight to understanding the implications of Impact-Driven Education on students and the learning environment. In pursuit of an inquiry centred on description and meaning rather than prediction and measurement, a qualitative research approach, as advocated by Laverty (2008), becomes paramount.

The research team of Impact at the Core wants to promote a strong and healthy line of qualitative research. As we set the stage for our research design, we embrace an ethnographic study guided by interpretative phenomenology. This approach ensures a comprehensive exploration of Impact-driven Education, capturing the essence of its innovative, evolving, and multifaceted nature.

Join us on this qualitative research journey as we uncover the transformative impact of education on individuals and their broader learning environment.

Are you an Early Career Researcher (ECR) conducting a qualitative educational study? We would love to connect with you, exchange experiences, and enhance our methodologies together. Let's collaborate and strengthen our research endeavours.



To answer these research questions, we will employ various methods and approaches. We will conduct a thorough review of existing literature to understand Impact-driven Education in the context of other transformative learning approaches. Through interviews, surveys, and data analysis, we will gather insights from students, teachers, and stakeholders involved in Impact-driven Education.

A series of cases will be utilised to answer the research questions. The aim is to gain a rich, detailed understanding by examining aspects of Impact-driven Education so as to further understand its implications. The study aims to illuminate some theoretical points to corroborate and develop an improvement in the theory that is grounded in the data (Robson, 2011; Savin-Baden & Major, 2012; Thomas, 2013).

By using these methods, I aim to develop a detailed and well-supported description and analysis of the case that can inform practice and policy decisions.

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