Research scope Impact at the Core

The primary focus of this research project is to investigate the realm of Impact-driven Education and its implementation within current educational programs at EUR. The study sets out to achieve a set of well-defined objectives. Firstly, it aims to identify and delineate the core principles that hold the utmost relevance in the domain of Impact-driven Education. Secondly, the research endeavours to examine the integration of these crucial principles within existing university courses. Thirdly, the study also entails a practical dimension by planning to pilot test the efficacy and functionality of this model in a real-world scenario, specifically through the case study of the Impact Space Minor second reiteration. 

To facilitate these objectives, the research poses insightful and pivotal research questions. These questions delve into the pedagogical and didactical tools that are conducive to the successful implementation of Impact-driven Education, shedding light on the instrumental techniques required for its effective execution. Furthermore, the investigation delves into the perspectives and practices of key stakeholders such as teachers, students, and societal partners, examining how they perceive and engage with Impact-driven Education. Lastly, the study inquiries about the essential tools and resources necessary for the successful implementation of Impact-driven Education, thereby contributing to a holistic understanding of its practical application and significance.

Research approach

Research questions

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